Christy the Series

Shot entirely on location in the Great Smoky Mountains in Townsend, TN, Christy is based on the international bestselling novel by Catherine Marshall. It was aired by CBS from 1994-1995.

CBS cast

Christy is the story of a courageous young woman who moves to Appalachia to teach in a Mission School. Gradually, she finds acceptance, touching the hearts of the inhabitants of the Cove and changing their world - just as they change hers.

Kellie Martin is Christy Huddleston, the spirited heroine who leaves her comfortable city life to go to the "backwoods" of Cutter Gap, Tennessee, with no idea of the challenges, hardships and dangers that lie ahead.

Four-time Emmy Award-winner Tyne Daly portrays Miss Alice Henderson, the strong-willed Quaker missionary who becomes Christy's mentor and friend. She is also a conflicted woman with her own troubled past. Reverend David Grantland (Randall Batinkoff) is an idealistic young minister who fights to hide his growing feelings for Christy.

Stewart Finlay-McLennan brings to life the passionate but loyal Dr. Neil MacNeill, Cutter Gap's only physician. From the mountains, he understands the seemingly strange ways of the mountain people yet understands Christy's city perspective. Oscar-nominee Tess Harper portrays Fairlight Spencer, a modest woman who reaches out to Christy and shows her the beauty of mountain life. The talented LeVar Burton plays Dan Scott, a man caught between his desire to learn and grow, and societal prejudice.

An acclaimed story, an award-winning production team, an excellent cast and a stunning backdrop of spectacular beauty make Christy an epic story of survival, an inspiring tale of courage, learning, and discovery that will appeal to the entire family.

Christy features an excellent cast of series regulars and guest stars. You can learn more about the Cast and Crew and their current projects via the Cast and Crew links.

This series is now available on DVD.