Christy the Movies

PAX cast

The PAX made-for-TV movies were made to bring a resolution to the cliffhanger ending of the CBS Series, as well as further explore the characters of the Cove. Many of the original cast returned to reprise their much-loved roles. The three PAX movies were released in the following order:

Return to Cutter Gap

[Also called Christy, The Movie]

Considered an outsider by the residents of Cutter Gap, Christy (Lauren Lee Smith) is beloved as a teacher but begins to stir up conflict with her pleas for progress and stories of an outside world. When a free-spirited woman aviator crash lands in Cutter Gap, the attention is taken off Christy until a series of robberies occur. Believing that a newly built road brought in the thieves, Christy is blamed. Faced with a series of setbacks, Christy contemplates returning home to North Carolina.

Christy, A Change of Seasons

[Also called Finding Faith or Choices of the Heart Part I]

Christy returns to Cutter Gap with her adult daughter, Catherine, and narrates her life as a young schoolteacher. In this recollection, typhoid sweeps through the cove. Christy's (Lauren Lee Smith) faith is severely tested. Christy, Miss Alice (Diane Ladd), Dr. MacNeill (Stewart Finlay-McLennan), and the mission preacher, David Grantland (James Waterston), do what they can to save the rest of the inflicted. Christy's feelings for David grow when he falls ill with the disease himself. Ultimately Christy finds herself engaged to the handsome minister, but discovers she may have inadvertently lost the friendship of another man whose strong affection for her is undeniable.

Christy, A New Beginning

[Also called Choices of the Heart Part II]

Christy (Lauren Lee Smith) is preparing for her upcoming wedding along with the rest of the Cutter Gap community when a terrible rain storm hits the cove. Christy becomes stranded in the mountains with the cove's doctor, Dr. Neil MacNeill (Stewart Finlay-McLennan), while her fiance, David, (James Waterston) is willing to risk life and limb to find her. He stays back to encourage the community to pull together in order to survive the storm. But after Dr. MacNeill reveals his true feelings to Christy, David may find that his engagement to Christy is beyond saving.
Christy the Rebirth of the Series by Beverley J. Arbuckle is an article explaining the process of creating the PAX movies, written around the time they aired for the first time.

These movies were shown originally on the Pax Network, for more infomation try Internet Movie Database for possible broadcast times. These movie have also been released on DVD and are available online, libraries, and through most large bookstores, such as Lifeway Books.