Christy the Novel

By Catherine Marshall

At nineteen, Christy Huddleston left home to teach school at a mission in the Great Smoky Mountains. A sheltered city girl, she was not prepared for the harsh realities that awaited her as a teacher in the poverty-stricken community of Cutter Gap. She came to know and care for the mountain people, with their fierce pride, dark superstitions and their yearning for beauty and truth. Through faith and hard work - and with the guiding influence and wisdom of an incredible woman (Miss Alice Henderson) - Christy struggled to win the respect of these proud people and make a real difference in their lives - while challenging her own perceptions and beliefs. On the journey, Christy's faith would be severely tested and her heart divided as she came to know and care for two remarkable men. Christy's fight to bring love and hope to the people of Cutter Gap would prove to be an experience that would change her forever.

From the Prologue of Christy

by Catherine Marshall

"As if reading my thoughts, mother said shyly, 'The story aches to be told, Catherine. The secrets of the human spirit that Alice Henderson knew, the wisdom she shared is needed by so many today. And the mountains people - my friends - Fairlight and Opal, Jeb Spencer and Aunt Polly Teague, Ruby Mae and Little Burl, my schoolchildren - I want people to know them as they really were. But, Catherine, I'm not the one to put it on paper. You know, sometimes the dreams of the parents must be fulfilled in their children.'

"And suddenly, I understod how the story should be written--through mother's eyes, as I had seen it all along. Only - from the beginning, my imagination had taken hold of the true incidents and begun shaping them so that now, after many years, I myself scarcely knew where truth stopped and fiction began. Therefore, though so much of the story really happened, I would set it down in the form of fiction."